Monday, January 7, 2008

John McCain has best chance at presidency

Who will win the presidency? John McCain - hands down!

Americans aren't going to elect Barack Hussein Obama at a time when his name and Indonesian connection sound at odds with our current wars. And we won't elect Hillary Clinton; we're weary of the Bush and Clinton 20-year hold on the presidency. John Edwards may be electable, but he won't get the nomination.

Despite his charisma and qualifications, we aren't going to elect Mitt Romney. Public assertions aside, privately many still won't vote for a Mormon.

Rudy Giuliani did a grand job in New York post-9/11 but lacks the qualifications to be president. Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee is too evangelical for mainstream America.

That leaves our favorite son, Sen. John McCain.

McCain is qualified and respected for his heroic sacrifices. He's a little too liberal for some conservatives, and he's a little too conservative for some liberals, but overall he is the most acceptable to the greatest number of people.

Democrats should pray he doesn't get the nomination; Republicans should pray that he does. If he does, he will win.

Patricia Hance,Phoenix

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