Sunday, December 30, 2007

John McCain: Honesty and Integrity

John McCain: Honesty and integrity

SIOUX CITY -- Iowans have an opportunity/responsibility to hand the country and the world our educated decision on who best defines honesty and integrity. It’s clear where our own legendary Col Bud Day stands. He spent more than five years in a POW camp with fellow-pilot John McCain and proudly says, “Without reservation, I know Johnny is the best candidate and most prepared to be our next president and commander in chief.”

The entire world looks to the United States for leadership based on honesty and integrity. To gain and secure the support of other countries on the war on terrorism, they need to know we have a leader who does not flip-flop on issues based on surveys or polls. They also must be confident in the honesty and integrity our president and his administration possess. Our next president of the United States must have all of these characteristics and more.

Those of us who are old enough to vote, we will be handing the future of this country and our children with the decision we make on Jan. 3, 2008. No other candidate running for president this time around has ever been tested as has Sen. John McCain. Not only can he lead, but he can generate support from other countries in making this a safer world. Please join me in supporting Col. Bud’s POW friend, John McCain. -- R. Doc Zortman

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